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Unhappy with your response?

If you’re unhappy about the response you got, for example if …

  • … You didn’t get a reply within 20 working days or
  • … You did not get all of the information that you requested or
  • … Your request was rejected, but without a reason valid under the law

Either … Lodge a complaint and request an Ombudsman investigates #

You can find information on Official Information Complaints on the Office of the Ombudsman’s website.

To make it easier for the Ombudsman, include a link to your request on FYI in your complaint or print out the whole page of your request and all attachments.

FYI currently has no special facilities for handling a request at this stage - it passes into the Office of the Ombudsman’s system. You can leave annotations on your request keeping people informed of progress.

Or … Use other means to answer your question #

You can try pursuing your problem or your research in other ways:

  • Make a new OIA request for summary information, or for documentation relating indirectly to matters in your rejected request. Ask us for ideas if you’re stuck.
  • If any other public authorities or publicly owned companies are involved, then make OIA requests to them.
  • Write to your MP, the Minister responsible or any other politician using the New Zealand Parliament website. MPs can write directly to ministers or departments, and can ask written questions in parliament.